Wells Cathedral Stonemasons Contact Number: 01934 743 544

Contact Wells Cathedral Stonemasons on their local rate telephone number 01934 743 544 to discuss the cost of hiring a stonemason to assist an architect on a new build, to hire a contractor on a restoration project or for a quote on a hand-carved stone fireplace.


General Enquiries Number – 01934 743 544

Wells Cathedral Stonemasons works with architects, contractors and conservators in stonework restorations and new-builds across the UK as well as overseas. Thusly, Wells provides architectural consultancy to a variety of clients making it a leading voice in UK heritage, ecclesiastical design and private contracting. You should call Wells Cathedral Stonemasons on their UK telephone number 01934 743 544 if you would like the company to work on a new build or a restoration project. For instance, you can call the company for assistance from initial budget costing through to the design, manufacture and application of stonework. You can also use this number for a quote on the Wells Cathedral Stonemasons installation service, where qualified stonemasons will liaise with an architect to fix stonework to your build.

Alternatively, you may wish to call the Wells Cathedral Stonemasons phone number 01934 743 544 for a quote on the cost of a hand-carved stone fireplaces or chimney pieces. For instance, a stonemason will detail a variety of limestones and sandstones along with the duration of the installation process. Furthermore, you are encouraged to contact a representative from the company for any enquiries regarding restoration and conservation work, whether you work in British heritage or would like to develop a privately owned building.


Cost of Calling Wells Cathedral Stonemasons

Contact numbers beginning with a geographic area code will cost the same per-minute rate as any local call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, Wells Cathedral Stonemasons will be free to call if your mobile tariff is bundled with inclusive minutes or if your landline deal includes free calls to local numbers.


Write to the UK Company

However, if you have been unable to contact Wells Cathedral Stonemasons on their UK telephone number 01934 743 544, you can still contact a contractor regarding an upcoming project using the postal address of their head office and workshop: Wells Cathedral Stonemasons, Brunel Stoneworks, Station Road, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3AH, United Kingdom.