Rightmove Contact Number: 01908 712 300

Contact Rightmove on their general enquiries phone number 01908 712 300 for estate agent services, to check the sold house prices in your local area and to purchase a property.

Rightmove is one of the most popular property listing websites in the United Kingdom, offering a way for independent landlords and estate agents to advertise their houses. You can call their customer service contact number 01908 712 300 to discuss a house for sale and to check the average home prices in your area to help you decide if your new property will be good value. Furthermore if you would prefer to rent a home you can call this number for information of a particular landlord who is offering their property on their website, for example you can use this service to ascertain whether any of the previous tenants had a problem with the letting agent.

By contrast if you would like to sell your home through Rightmove you can call this helpline to discover the benefits of using their listings website and for information about their commission fees. They will then provide you with a valuation based on the number of rooms in your house, the location and the value of any additional amenities such as a garage. If you disagree with their valuation you can call this helpline to make a complaint and request a second opinion.

Lines are open on standard working days between 9am and 5pm, therefore you may be unable to reach an advisor on evenings and weekends. Calls are charged at standard UK local rates, meaning you will pay your telephone service provider a connection fee and a rate of no more than 12p per minute.


Contact Rightmove from overseas – +44 1908 712 044

Phone Rightmove from outside the UK by calling their international contact number +44 1908 712 044 where you can enquire about selling property in the country you are living in, for example if you no longer want your holiday home. Please be aware that overseas calls will cost more than calling Rightmove from inside the UK and that the precise cost of your call will depend on where you are calling them from abroad.


Rightmove phone numbers from Completely Stoned

Department Contact number
General enquiries 01908 712 300
International number +44 1908 712 044
Investor and media enquiries 020 7087 0605